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Instead of building fake buyer personas, Topicx chat with your customers to build an In-depth customer profile at scale.

Emotional Intelligence Model

Our Emotional Intelligence Model is based on 3 dimensions


Engagement Engine

Topicx Emotional Intelligence engine interacts with your customers using conversational techniques and AI to increase the engagement and involvement of the subjects and encourage them to share authentic information.


Customer Motivations Analysis

Topicx uses advanced NLP models to analyse respondent intent, motivations and emotions at scale and grouped your customers based on their consumer psychological profile.


Data Insights

You will get an advance categorization of your customers based on their psychology and buying intent so you can easily communicate the right message to the right customer.

Who Are My Users?

  • Which Coffee Types should you offer as per your customers?
  • Who are the early adopters of your new running shoes?
  • What type of messaging campaigns will work best for different customers?
  • Who would be interested in your expended travel insurance?

Find out who are your buyer personas and how to appeal to them based on scientific behavioral models in 48 hours

Dialogue Understanding

Using advanced NLP modules for real-time understanding of respondent's intents, sentiment & non-verbal cues

Psychological Models

For building rapport with respondents get them to open up and share authentic information


To increase engagement and compliance (Expression of empathy, Probing Casual encouragement etc.)

Proprietary analytics

For building according to their motivations and behaviors.

Types of Research

Usage & Attitudes
  • Drivers of brand perception
  • Underlining Reasons for consumer choices
  • ‍Discovery of new attitudes and trends
Ad pre-testing
  • Drivers of feelings & perceptions generated by the ad
  • Drivers of Positive/ Negative reaction
Concept testing 
  • Perceived product benefits
  • Perceived product usage
  • Drivers of purchase  
  • Overcome survey fatigue
  • Extract unique insights
  • Close the loop for personalized experiences

Meet Our Team

Lyron Wahrmann

Founder & CEO

Dr. Liraz Margalit

Founder & Chief Research

Dr. Dror Yeger

Founder, Biz Dev
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