Turn every interaction into an experience with our Relationship Cloud

Leveraging behavioral models, cognitive psychology, and conversational AI, we empower brands to convert every consumer into a loyal customer.  


topicx redefines the way brands interact with their customers.

The essence of customer engagement is personalization - humanized interactions that make customers feel like they're doing business with a real person. Our Relationship Cloud sets the ground for building long term relationships with your customers.  

What is Relationship Cloud

Relationship Cloud is a platform designed to proactively approach, engage, and support customers throughout their brand journeys. This proactive approach is driven by our conversational AI engine's ability to understand and draw inferences from situations throughout customers' journeys; anticipate what interests or motivates each customer at each given point; and engage customers via empathic, human dialogue.

Benefits of Relationship Cloud

Engage customers in dialogue via intuitive, bi-directional messaging channels

Create and maintain an authentic human-like conversation, at scale

Uncover customer emotions and unmet needs

Leverage customer-specific personas to build brand relationships and deepen trust overtime

Our technology

It's not what you say, but how you say it…

Our Natural Language Understanding algorithms extract customer satisfaction, emotions, needs, and personality traits from real-time dialogues. Our conversation engine learns how to communicate with each customer according to his unique profile.

Our team

topicx was founded by an experienced team of psychologists, CX, and technology professionals passionate about designing better experiences.

Lyron Wahrmann


Seasoned manager with years of experience in high-level management positions in large and small organizations. Founder & former head of Citi Technology Innovation Lab in Israel. Senior lecturer at NYU, IDC and Jiao Tong business and entrepreneurship schools.

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Dr. Liraz Margalit

Chief Behavioral Researcher

Social Psychologist applying behavioral economics and neuropsychology for consumer research and behavioral design. Worldwide keynote speaker and writer. Awarded  CMSWire contributor of the year 2017. Regularly writes in top business magazines such as Entrepreneur, TechCrunch and Forbes.

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Avigad Oron


Hands-on entrepreneur and software engineer. Expert in AI, NLP and Information Retrieval. Over 15 years leading innovative technology initiatives. Co-Founder of successful global health-tech data startup - Vitalerter. Formerly Lead Program Manager in Microsoft Innovation Labs.

Dr. Dror Yeger

CCSO & Business Development

Seasoned entrepreneur and customer experience professional.  A former head of Grant Thornton Israel innovation and incentive department, Co-Founder of OncoHost, which develops cutting-edge technology to characterize, analyze, and predict patient response to anti-cancer treatments. Senior lecturer at several universities (MBA and Information Systems).

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